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Amazon warehouse workers spent Black Friday protesting.

While Amazon sales were at an all time high over the Thanksgiving break, and well into Cyber Monday, Amazon warehouse workers in Europe were protesting during Black Friday.

Amazon warehouse workers in Italy, Germany, Spain, and the UK organized a mass walkout, protesting poor work conditions and pay.

In the UK, workers in England protested outside of five major Amazon warehouses, on Black Friday Morning. The protestors were shouting chants like "Next-day Delivery should not mean a lifetime of pain for Amazon workers,"

Germany saw upwards of 600 workers outside of the two major Amazon warehouses.

Managers at warehouses in Italy had to pack boxes due to the mass walk outs. Spain was reported to have only two staff workers loading and trucks.

Amazon responded to these reports stating; "Friday, the majority of our associates at Amazon's Fulfillment Center in Madrid were working and processing our customers' orders, as they do everyday."

The protest were spurred due to the claims of poor work conditions and fair wages, among other demands. Workers have reported that the e-commerce giant would operate under long working hours, timed bathroom breaks, unbearable temperatures, and automatic firings for taking breaks that were too long.

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