October 31, 2018

Campbells soup's vice president of government affairs, has stepped down from his position prematurely due to a tweet that claims Jewish-American philanthropist and owner of Open Society Foundations is behind the migrant caravan headed for north from Central America. 

Kelly Johnston, the soup company executive, was set to retire from the company in early November. He has held his position with Campbells Soup for the past 16 years, and prior to his retirement said on twitter last week that a foundation led by George Soros, organized a caravan of thousands of migrants headed towards the Mexico border. 

George Soros is a billionaire and philanthropist who is an active participant in the liberal movement. In recent years Soros's activism has made him a target of criticism among conservatives and right-wing activists. He was also a one of the recipients of the series of pipe bombs delivered last week

 In a statement provided to MarketWatch on Monday from Campbell soup...

October 17, 2018

Luxury electric car manufacturer, Tesla, secures 210 acres of land in Shanghai, China for a planned factory. In the past, American business looking for opportunity to produce in China, have to go into a 50-50 joint venture with a local factory to start production in their country. 

Though recently, Chinese president Xi Jinping has announced that they will be phasing out the requirements of a joint partnership for foreign manufactures looking to produce on their land. 

Tesla will be one of the first beneficiaries of this ruling. The company has expressed that this new factory will be able to produce up to 500,00 electric vehicles a year. They have stated that the factory will be ready to produce vehicles in the next two years, and it will take another two to three years to reach full production standards reaching 500,000 vehicles.

Trade tensions between the US and China have caused a significant increase in tariffs for the car manufacturing company, reaching up to 40% for one car. Unlike o...

October 10, 2018

Shares of luxury brands are taking a hit due to the "trade war" between the US and China. The plunge in shares takes an apparent hit on Wednesday when LVMH shares drop 7.1%. The largest drop in shares since 2009 for the corporation that owns brands like Louis Vouitton and Dom Pérignon champagne.

Despite the 10% increase in Vuitton and Dior make up in the third business quarter, skittish investors are selling their socks.

Chinese officials are cracking down on travelers returning from places like Paris, London, and Tokyo where luxury products are at a significantly lower rate because of the duty free allowances. In the past 24 hours that travelers returning home to Hong Kong or Beijing are paying custom levy of up to 60%. 

LVMH is only an isolated case of this decrease in shares. Rivals including Kering SA, the brand that owns Gucci, Tiffany and Co., Michael Kors holdings, and Tapestry Inc followed suit. 

October 3, 2018

Thom Yorke teases songs for the anticipated remake of 1977 film Suspiria, this is the first time Thom Yorke, front man of Radiohead has scored a film; and the songs that have been teased are worth listening to. 

In a radio interview last year, Yorke stated that the inspiration and sound of Suspiria can be attributed to Vangelis's score of the original Blade Runner movie. In regards to the writing method Yorke pursued, he said that writing the music for this film was like "making spells". That comment complements the witchy vibe the movie's cinematography. 

Bellow is a side by side comparison of shots from the original film compared to Luca Guadagnino’s reboot of the 1977 cult classic. Guadagnino's will be hitting select theaters on October 26, 2018. The film has already premiered at a Venice Film Festival, where Yorke spoke to his involvement on composing the movies soundtrack. 

The film is about an American dancer who is admitted into a prestigious german ballet school, on...

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