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The most thrilling part about telling an excellent story is discovering the part of the plot that has not been told yet. In every feature project that I take on that is exactly the goal that I strive to accomplish. 

In my experience as a journalist I have reported on various subjects which have included arts, culture, community, local government, and technology. My role as digital editor for both newspapers and magazines have equipped me with skills that elevate the storytelling experience. 

Digital Editor




As Digital Editor for Daily Titan Newspaper I oversaw and proofed every story for online publishing. This process included, optimizing search engine tools to gain a strong reach, and assuring that large bodies of text were broken up to create a more engaged online experience. I also fostered a partnership with social media and multimedia editors to create digital content for all our platforms and to create a dialog about the stories we publish in print and online. While fulfilling my duties as Digital Editor, I also created the technology beat, covering topics on algorithmic bias, artificial intelligence, big data, and new innovations. 

LA // OC // NY

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