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Digital Communications Specialist 

I am passionate about community storytelling and highlighting news stories in a visual and engaging way for digitally native audiences. I love to have fun with crafting content, from the production process, shooting and editing and of course the reactions and results once a piece is published. 

In my early experience as a digital editor for local publications, I discovered my love for storytelling and making a community come to life through video and editorial. I also gained practical experience in effective SEO best practices, navigating content management systems and using tools like google ads and keywords to help extend audience reach.  

I gained more knowledge in content production and audience engagement during my time on social media teams for major news stations, CNN and ABC-7, where I produced social plays daily and curated broadcast news content on its station's digital platforms.

My time at Disneyland Resort as a communications specialist has led me to utilize my skills to foster impactful relationships between a brand and its audience, whether they are an employee or a major fan. By partnering with stakeholders and key business partners, I was able to successfully bring attention to new product and events to the companies population of 50k employees and its online audiences. 

Please browse my digital portfolio below and explore more work examples by navigating the menu. 

Disneyland Resort:

Working on the Communications and Public Affairs team at Disneyland Resort, I had the unique opportunity to make magic for our cast members by highlighting their hard work and the perks they have access to as a Disneyland Cast Member. There was always a story to highlight to help make its employee base feel valued and informed, from the Resort's environmental integration initiatives, cast exclusive opportunities and Halloween Time excitement. 

Disneyland Resort - Communications Specialist
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Zivvy News:

It's a new way of consuming the news without the trolls getting you down. Zivvy is a digital community for people seeking answers on today's important and extraordinary global issues targeting a digitally native Gen Z audience. As a contributor with Zivvy, I aim to build an engaged community audience and report on environmental issues, entertainment and trending news stories.